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  Works of art by local artists on display and available for purchase.
Richard C. Bartlett
Richard C. Bartlett was born January 6, 1924 in Brockton, Massachusetts, the son of acclaimed illustrator and painter Richard F. Bartlett. He was educated in the public schools of East Bridgewater and gained entrance to the prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where he graduated with highest honors. He won the Museum School Traveling Scholarship for study in Europe in 1949 and 1950 after serving for four years as a bombardier/navigator in the 8th Air Force of the U.S. Army Air Corps during which he completed thirty-five bombing missions over Nazi Europe.

Dick Bartlett began painting as a child, using his father's discarded art supplies. Richard F. Bartlett (1900-1987) was an illustrator and painter of note who worked from his studios in Boston and East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

His painting Winter Lace was just recently acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

His work is represented in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress; the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; the Wiggin Collection of the Boston Public Library; the Bezellel Museum of Israel; Le Bibliothéque Nationale in Paris; the Boston Athenaeum; and other private and public collections.

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Dan Hart  Hartography Coastal Images
Coastal, color photographic images captured as mood studies of local communities, their harbors, vessels, their natural features, their people, and special places.

It took me years to really reflect on the meaning of light and color in my life. And it took a return to photography as the tool to do that. I love focusing on the coast,where light and color are so dramatically rendered.

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Jessie Nickerson
Jessie Nickerson is a native of Cape Cod where her family settled in the early 1600s. In 2000, she received BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. During her junior year there she spent a semester in the Netherlands, attending the Reitweld Academy in Amsterdam. Nickerson went on to attend Parsons School of Design, and graduated in 2003 with her MFA. 

Nickerson’s work has always been strongly rooted in the subconscious. Today she creates surreal environments, which combine elements of observation, internal musings and fairytale iconography. She begins each piece with a preliminary idea of the colors that she wants to use and some reference materials (often old photographs or images from magazines). From there the work evolves organically, with some beginning images becoming obscured or eliminated, while new ones emerge. “I never know, when I begin a piece, what the final outcome will be. I need this element of surprise. If a piece is to rigidly planned I quickly lose interest.” Nickerson intentionally chooses titles that are vague in order to leave much of the interpretation up to the viewer. “Everyone has their own unique perception. I love it when people see something in my work that I did not.”

Nickerson’s paintings have been shown at galleries throughout the East Coast. For the past five years she has exhibited regularly and taught classes at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. She is currently on the painting faculty at the Walnut Hill School in Natick, MA, a private high school for students who are serious about pursuing a career in the arts.

She resides in Cotuit where the sea continues to provide her with inspiration.

Elizabeth Thomas Photography of Cape Cod
About me... Some friends say I am a throw back to the 60s. Maybe I am. I enjoy the company of artists in every form, free spirits and original thinkers!  I have naturally curly/wavy hair I just let dry "au natural". I keep my nails short and don't wear polish. I have a sarcastic but good sense of humor. My laugh is boisterous and loud! My mood wanes with the changing seasons but my inspiration never does! I love coffee and anything sweet! Love, love, love my sweets! I love the ocean and could never move away, as I have always lived near a large body of water. I love going barefoot, the feel of sand in my toes, the wind in my hair and the sun on my face! I love to garden and get a thrill watching my flowers as they slowly grow each season. I am constantly moving plants and adding to my beds! I make jam, spaghetti sauce, relish, love to bake but hate to cook. Kind of contradictory wouldn't you say? We compost, recycle and try to do our best to help the environment! I value my close friends, come from a very large extended family and truly love the precious time spent with them all! There is never enough!

Originally from Connecticut, followed by a number of years in Canada, then several towns here and there in Massachusetts I have been fortunate enough to finally settle on Cape Cod for the past 20+ years. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful New England scenery has helped to inspire the love I have always had for photography. Being an avid gardener I truly appreciate beautiful landscapes, flowers, birds, sunsets and the environment! Travels within the United States and beyond have afforded me opportunities to take some fabulous photos!

Ann Ellen Zalis
Born in Boston and raised on the south shore, I have held a lifelong appreciation for the sea.
Over the years I have had opportunity to reside in other artistically inspiring coastal areas of the country including St. John, United States Virgin Islands and later Sausalito, California. 

More than a decade ago, my husband and I returned home to Cape Cod and I was pleased to be juried in upon first attempt as an Artist Member of Cape Cod Art Association where my work has been displayedin numerous juried exhibitions in a variety of mediums.   I work in watercolors using a wet into wet or dry brush technique and with oil or acrylic I paint with brush or palette knife.

Along with visual art, writing is a passion.  I have shared my poetry at venues on Cape Cod.  I have begun to experiment with incorporating more of my written work with my visual art.

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